About Us

Our IT company "SMARTAPPS" provides Clients with a wide range of services, which are important to maintain a stable and reliable operation of the IT infrastructure of the customers. We also offer services of IT - Outsourcing and IT - Outstaffing to our Clients, which will solve the problem with the search for highly qualified personnel and optimize their maintenance costs during the shortest possible time.

Our specialists work for more than 10 years in the IT services market and are highly qualified in the field of system integration and IT infrastructure management of various complexities.

In our daily work, we use the software of the world leaders in the field of remote monitoring and diagnostics of various problems related to IT infrastructure. We are the reliable partners for Clients not only from the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also for Clients located in the US, Russia, Germany, UAE, which is confirmed by a set of recommendations.

The Objective of our company

The key objective of “SMARTAPPS” is to provide qualified assistance to our Clients in the construction and maintenance of modern computing systems that are highly reliable, fault-tolerant and with optimal prices. We offer consulting, outsourcing and technical services that allow you to create and maintain an IT infrastructure of various complexities at the level of industry standards of advanced European countries.

We work with our Clients from the moment of designing and implementing the IT infrastructure till the accompaniment of its operation, modernization and repair.

Key activities of our company

The whole range of our services covers the following main areas of activity:

The qualification of our specialists is confirmed by certificates of the leading suppliers of equipment and software. We maintain long-term partnerships with most of these companies.