Implementation of a terminal server 1C for retail network of construction materials.


Construction materials market chain.

Case review:

Market chain with a widespread network in Astana facing issues with uninterrupted work of 1C accounting system that is employed to perform sales and track available stocks. In addition, sales-reps in stores sometimes experienced issues with computers on sites. These aspects required the Client to look for ways to improve uninterrupted operation of IT infrastructure.


Ensure uninterrupted operation of 1C accounting system and sales-reps’ computers, discover any hidden issues and resolve them.


  • Microsoft Server Technology
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security


In order to discover all issues we audited IT-infrastructure and client computers. Turned out that Client was facing the following issues:

  • Lack of firewall protecting terminal server;
  • Lack of automatic backup plan;
  • Lack of static IP address for external connections (Client was using DynDNS);
  • Lack of domain infrastructure for centralized updates and computer management;
  • Lack of centralized antivirus protection (computers were protected with “home” versions of antivirus software)

Our goal was to ensure uninterrupted operation of market network without any significant investments. Therefore, we deployed the following. 1C accounting server was converted to a virtual machine and transferred to private SMARTAPPS cluster that is protected by Cisco ASA firewall and is covered by scheduled backup procedures.

SMARTAPPS cluster is located in a safe data center, connected to UPS and constantly monitored to ensure its operation 24/7.

Terminal infrastructure allowed connecting all stores to a single 1C system, and provided access to external accounting consultants. Kaspersky Endpoint Security brought centralized antivirus protection.

Due to lack of site-to-site VPNs among sites, we decided not to implement a typical domain infrastructure. Yet, issues with centralized updates and computer management affected the client dramatically. Therefore, we deployed our line of business application that let’s us provide patch management and monitor performance of computers and services remotely.