Realization of the registration system integrated with the cross-platform messenger Telegram and business intelligence tools Microsoft Power BI.

Internal project SmartApps

Business case:
One of the services in the portfolio of our Company is the provision of technical support (Service Desk) to end users. At some point, the volume of requests to the technical support department of our company has become quite large and at times a little chaos and confusion arose in the circulation of customers. Obviously, the company needed an urgent solution for automated registration and tracking of the status of execution of user requests.

A task:
Implement the Application Registration System to account for user requests in accordance with IT Service Management (ITSM) approaches. On the basis of ITSM recommendations, create a classifier for the assessment and prioritization of incidents and requests, and develop time-bound deadlines for eliminating requests and incidents.

Additionally, integrate the Claims System with Microsoft Power BI analytics tools. Through analytical tools, it is necessary to identify the most "costly" customers, and a number of others, such as the most effective engineer, the most common inquiries and incidents, etc.

Technologies used:

  • The OTRS (Open-source Ticket Request System)
  • Telegram Messenger
  • Microsoft Power BI Business Intelligence
  • Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS)

In order to effectively manage multiple requests from Clients, we implemented the Application Processing System based on the OTRS product. As a result, all incidents and requests from Clients are registered in the OTRS System, classified by type and level of service, and then automatically assigned to responsible specialists.
In addition to the Claims System, a Telegram bot is connected, allowing you to register requests through messages in the messenger. The system of applications dynamically distributes tasks among the engineers of the first line of technical support, and also provides an opportunity to escalate applications for the second and third levels of technical support.
A solution based on Microsoft Power BI for query analytics in the Claims System is connected to the System of Applications, which is displayed on a dedicated TV in the office of technical support engineers.