Design and implementation of IT infrastructure of mobile office for an international construction company.


Foreign Construction Company.

Case review:

Client is a developer of a 5* hotel in Astana. Client deployed a temporary office (1500 sq. m.) at the construction site, and was in needed of IT infrastructure. Planned amount of network users was about 100 people – client’s employees, subcontractors and principals.


Deploy advanced Wi-Fi network, typical domain infrastructure, office PBX and controlled internet access (web-filter).


  • Microsoft Server Technology
  • Cisco Networking
  • Ubiquiti Wireless Networks
  • GFI firewall
  • Panasonic PBX


To address the goal we employed the solutions from Microsoft, Cisco, Ubiquiti and Panasonic that provided secure and managed corporate network for every user. We deployed typical domain infrastructure based on Microsoft AD DS that provided the Client with centralized user and computer management in ИТ-infrastructure, and access limitation to data resources.

Network infrastructure was deployed on cost-effective Cisco/Linksys hardware, and wireless network was deployed on Ubiquiti hardware. Wireless network controller brought such features as device roaming and network load balancing, and therefore significantly improved the capabilities of Wi-Fi.

Low-priced PBX together with cheap analog Panasonic phones allowed to setup internal telephony with no extra cost on ISP.

VPN-access provided remote users a secure access to the local resources.

Client received the following IT-services:

  • Typical domain configuration;
  • Corporate PBX;
  • Wi-Fi network with load balancing, device roaming, separate guest and corporate networks;
  • Terminal server for 1C accounting information system for internal users and external consultants;
  • FTP-resources and VPN-access.