Design and installation of SCS for an international construction company.


Foreign Construction Company.

Case review:

Client is a big European construction company, developing a few contracts in Kazakhstan. Due to rapid office growth of Kazakhstan branch, the Client had to extend the office space and deploy new working places for new personnel.


Design and installation of structured cabled network in Client’s office.


  • Legrand
  • Eurolan
  • SHIP


To address the objectives we employed Legrand cabled network components, Eurolan cable and SHIP cabinet.

First off, we drew all changes in the network in Microsoft Visio and got an approval to proceed from the Client. All cables laid in cable trays located in drop ceiling, and run to user working places through wall-mounted cable channels. Working places connected to “clean” power source, secured with uninterruptible power supply and diesel generator, provided by business center.

In the new office space, Client’s conference table was located in the middle of a room. It was physically impossible to hide sockets in a hatch in floor. Therefore, for the sake of nice office design, we placed a compact floor-standing cable channel and a mini-column to place sockets for conference table.