Design and implementation of IT infrastructure of mobile office for an international construction company.


Foreign Construction Company.

Case review:

Client is a big European construction company, developing a few contracts in Kazakhstan. One of the contracts dealt with interstate road construction, and required settlement of a few users at the construction site.


Planing and deploy a mobile office at the construction site with an option to relocate it as the road project develops.


  • Barracuda firewall
  • HP Networking
  • 3G WiFi Router


To address the objectives Client purchased specific containers to deploy mobile office in it. Cabled network and internet connectivity were deployed in the container-based office, which was powered by a diesel-generator.

Internet connectivity was the most challenging part of deployment. During the road project development, we tested numerous options – simple 3G/4G connectivity, radio-relay and satellite internet.

Mobile office was connected to the main office via a site-to-site VPN connection, which allowed the site users to have access to corporate information systems.