Audit of IT infrastructure for a Quasigovernmental information and analysis center.


Quasigovernmental information-analytical agency.

Case review:

Client is an information-analytical agency empowered by government. Client is experiencing issues in IT-infrastructure. According to organizational structure, Client is allowed to only one in-house systems administrator, responsible for all IT services and technical support for company’s personnel. In such conditions, Client faced constant problems in IT-infrastructure, which were very unlikely to be resolved by the in-house specialist – some problems were undiscovered, some were intentionally suppressed and ignored.


Perform IT audit and discover all problems in IT-infrastructure. Prepare a report for top management, describing discovered issues and recommendations to resolve them.


  • IT consultants


To address the objectives our consultants and engineers audited using our corporate questionnaire addressing more than 70 questions. During the audit, we consulted with local systems administrator, responsible users of corporate information systems and line of business applications. Internal procedures and policies that regulate IT services were investigated and the actual implementation of procedures was checked. Server and information systems logs were checked and analyzed.

As a result, management received a report describing discovered issues, risks of failures and recommendations to resolve the issues. All discovered issues were grouped by the level of severity in case of failure.