Merging offices and setting up a network storage for an international company, a manufacturer of premium facade systems.


Foreign company, manufacturer of premium facades

Case review:

Client is a big European manufacturer of building facades with offices in Astana and Almaty. Client’s European IT unit provides some IT services to foreign branches, such as corporate email and messaging, intranet portal, accounting system and и line of business applications. All other services to be deployed locally with respect to the concept of lean IT-infrastructure.


Deploy local area network, secure and safe storage, telephony and establish secure site-to-site VPN between two Kazakhstani offices.


  • Cisco 881 router
  • Cisco SG-300
  • Ubiquiti Unify
  • QNAP TS-453


To address the objectives we deployed local area network based on Cisco 881 router, Cisco/Linksys SG-300 managed switch and Ubiquiti Wi-Fi access points. Both offices in Kazakhstan were interconnected using site-to-site VPN feature available on routers. In addition, users were provided with remote access VPN, which let them access shared network storage on business trips.

Network storage was deployed using QNAP TS-453, that allowed delimiting user access to shared resources without any domain controller infrastructure.

Telephony was deployed using virtual PBX from a local Internet service provider. That helped to save on purchase of PBX and phones – ISP provided phones and PBX functionality within the services at no extra cost.