Design and implementation of hybrid IT infrastructure of mobile office for for a consulting company in the field of oil production.


Consulting company in the field of oil production

Case review:

The client is a consulting company that provides services to oil and gas companies. The client needs a hybrid office infrastructure - a local domain with minimal services and cloud email service.


Deploy local area network, secure and safe storage, cloud mail service.


  • D-Link router
  • D-Link switch
  • HP Server
  • Microsoft Server Technology
  • Microsoft Office 365


To address the goal we deployed hybrid office infrastructure based on domain services of Microsoft Server, and cloud service of Microsoft Office 365. Domain infrastructure has provided the safe and centralized management of accounts of users and computers, and also differentiation of access rights to network disks.The cloudy product of Microsoft Office 365 has provided the Client with high quality corporate decisions without any capital expenditure for licenses and the equipment. The cloud service has provided to the Client such top decisions as the corporate Exchange mail, the internal portal SharePoint, cloudy storage OneDrive, the corporate Skype for Business messenger with an opportunity to carry out multilateral videoconferences. In addition to the above-named server products, the client has also received a product of Microsoft Office Professional.