Reliable and effective operation of the IT Infrastructure of any company depends on each of its elements and users’ workstations play a key role in ensuring the stable operation of the business. If you want to be sure that your employees work efficiently and in comfortable conditions, please contact our company which provides a wide range of IT services in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

What kind of work in support of client workstations is performed by the specialists of our company?

Contact our company when you need different operations related to support for users’ workstations , including:

  • Selection of the optimal configuration for cost, software requirements, development prospects;
  • Selection, assistance in purchasing and installation of a suitable version of the operating system with fine-tuning to the tasks of the workplace;
  • Installation and configuration of client application software for typical and special purposes;
  • Installation of peripheral equipment, setting access to shared resources;
  • Configuring the local network including with Internet access;
  • Installation and configuration of centralized anti-virus protection;
  • Configure the client data reservation component.

Workstations support

The workstations support in Kazakhstan

Our company provides the support service for workstations to ensure their uninterrupted and stable operation. We also carry out the initial set of operation when installing new users’ computers, their scheduled replacement or because of their failure.

The list of routine maintenance within the service is selected individually and can include:

  • Check the efficiency of all components of the personal computer and the operating system;
  • Optimization of the operating system and software, cleaning the file system of garbage;
  • Verifying the correct installation and customization of the user’s software;
  • Searching and removing the malicious virus and adware code.

Workstation support services can be provided on a scheduled maintenance basis or as needed.

The «SMARTAPPS» company offers various forms of providing support services:

  • Removed - the cheapest option;
  • Specialist on the place;
  • Combined version - the optimal solution in terms of cost and time spending to eliminate the software and hardware failures that occur during the work of clients’ computers.

The service support for workstations can be provided separately and also is included in the comprehensive service to ensure the operation of IT infrastructure of our Clients.