When your computer equipment is unstable, you are not sure of its optimality, reliability of data security and sometimes the fact that you have been supplied with exact equipment which you paid for, you need to order an audit of IT-infrastructure.

SmartApps offers audit services for your company's IT-sphere to identify problems and “weak point” in the organization of your computer network in order to increase its efficiency, minimize the risk of downtime and data loss.

Services we offer:

Within the IT-audit of your company, SmartApps’s specialists analyze the status of the following systems which involved in data processing, transferring and storing:

  • Hardware and topology of wired and wireless LAN;
  • Internet access organization;
  • Server hardware;
  • Anti-virus protection systems;
  • Data backup systems;
  • Hardware and software composition of user’s workstations;
  • Systems for organizing e-mail and sending instant messages;
  • Centralized administration and management services;
  • Remote access and control services;
  • Organization of the document printing service;
  • Any other components of the IT-infrastructure which are used during the work in your company.

Based on the results of the IT-audit problems and shortcomings are identified which affect the operational efficiency of the all computer equipment and bringing costs increasing for its maintenance and support.

What you get in the end

You will receive following after IT-audit of your infrastructure made by SmartApps’s specialists:

  • Structured information about the hardware and software complexes of your IT-infrastructure;
  • List of existing problems that need to be eliminated first to prevent loss of information;
  • Recommendations to protect your information from loss, theft or willful destruction;
  • A detailed plan of actions for the modernization of the IT-infrastructure where its aim should be increasing efficiency of work of your company, improving working conditions of employees, reducing overall cost of maintaining a computer fleet.
If you want to improve efficiency, stability of the office of your company, order an IT-audit in SmartApps and we will help you to find the best ways to develop the IT-infrastructure based on the data obtained as a result of its comprehensive audit.