Occurrence of failures, downtime and loss of important data is only a matter of time without providing qualified support regardless of the quality of development and implementation of the IT infrastructure of any company. The period of occurrence of problems of different degrees of danger can be calculated for a period of several weeks to several months from the time the fully-established system was put into operation.

Therefore, sooner or later the task of regular maintenance of equipment has to be solved on its own or seek help from outside specialists. Generally, it is very difficult and unreasonably expensive to attract a universal qualified specialist to your staff and most companies simply don’t have the experience to provide support for the entire software and hardware component of your business.

In this case, the best option may be to transfer your IT infrastructure to the comprehensive support of our company's specialists. This decision will be justified in the case of:

  • Absence of own specialists with the necessary qualifications;
  • Lack of own specialists especially in emergency situations or in solving problems of modernization and expansion of infrastructure;
  • Need to optimize and reduce the total costs of software and hardware maintenance.

Within the framework of IT Outsourcing Astana, the following systems are serviced by our company specialists:

We offer our clients a comprehensive approach to solving the problem of IT-Outsourcing and provide support for the work of experienced professionals in such areas as:

  • User workplaces;
  • Server solutions;
  • Network infrastructure;
  • E-mail and secure connection to the Internet;
  • Internal telephony;
  • Systems of video observation;
  • Database management systems.

Transfer of computer systems to IT Outsourcing Almaty to specialists of our company will provide our Clients with the following opportunities:

  • Completely focus on solving your main business tasks;
  • Minimize the risks of emergency situations;
  • Minimize equipment downtime;
  • Optimize the costs of maintaining the IT infrastructure of the company;
  • Solve problems of any complexity for the required time by attracting the right number of specialists.

If You transfer the management of Your IT infrastructure to the IT outsourcing Almaty and IT outsourcing Astana of our company we will help to fully open and use its potential to increase the efficiency and stability of your business.