Today almost any company cannot operate effectively without the use of the Internet, a local network which unites the computers, allows using client-server technologies and gaining the access to equipment and resources. Usually the decision of competent designing the local network with Internet access is neglected and as the result users cannot make full use of the resources. Thus frequent disruptions in data transmission happen.

The threat of hacking your network and stealing or damaging your data may arise during the use of the equipment in initial price range.

Our company «SMARTAPPS» offers design, installation, adjustment and maintenance of local network with Internet access both wired and wireless types for our Clients in Kazakhstan.

We use modern equipment only from leading manufacturers. Therefore our local network fully meets the stated parameters as speed of data transmission, high level of security and fault-tolerance. Local networks developed by our company are ready for scaling, increasing the load and increasing the number of connected users.

We can offer to our Clients in Kazakhstan:

  • Design, installation and maintenance of modern wired and wireless local networks.
  • Organization of controlled access to the Internet via secure and public channels.
  • Our networks are based on generally accepted standards , provided with a complete set of documents which may be given to any IT company.

Organization of corporate network with our company «SMARTAPPS» will give you:

  • Protection against failures during the connection with the Internet which is fulfilled with backup;
  • Separation into the guest and worker network to protect your information ;
  • Reliably secured access to the office network in case of remote connection;
  • Protection from overload of the network which will provide the work of important applications, dynamically adjusting the bandwidth for non-critical tasks;
  • Labeling the network connections with providing topologies and other documents that will allow rapid restoring the work of network in case of mechanical damage;
  • Detailed monitoring the work of your network. The problems are detected from the start and it allows eliminating them before they can effect on the performance of your systems.

When you need a reliable, fault-tolerant and well protected corporate network, please Contact our company «SMARTAPPS» in Kazakhstan and we will ensure its development, installation and maintenance.