Today it is impossible to imagine the work of any company without using the opportunities and technologies of the Internet. Reporting, receiving e-mails, video communication and audio communication with customers and partners both with the help of public applications and with the tools of professional secure technologies requires the use of a stable and reliable connection to the Internet. Also, using the Network allows you to organize the remote work of your employees through terminal sessions, using specialized web-server technologies to work with company’s databases from anywhere on the planet and any device.

Organization of safe access to the Internet

But, it should be understood that if you just connect a modem or a high-speed network connection to the company's LAN, You will create a big threat to your information security. Viruses, obsessive advertising, uncontrolled spam can at times reduce the effectiveness of your work and lead to the destruction of data. Penetration into your information network from the outside are not be excluded for the purpose of destroying or stealing commercial information and free and uncontrolled access to the entertainment opportunities of the Internet of your employees can at times reduce the effectiveness of their work.

Order the organization of controlled access to the Internet in the company SmartApps will reliably protect your data and use the capabilities of the Network only to solve the production problems of your business.

What you get after setting up access to the Internet by SmartApps’s specialists

Controlled and secure access to the Internet is provided by installing a proxy server and configuring routers which allows you to:

  • Connect easily a backup link to ensure stable operation;
  • Manage connection speed and access to resources at the campaign level, groups of users and specific specialists;
  • Flexibly manage the priority of traffic, distributing it among key applications and tasks where the speed of connection is not critical;
  • Reliable anti-virus protection and protection against intrusion of the company's network from outside;
  • Detection of excessive traffic and determining its source;
  • Monitoring and logging of remote access to company’s resources via the Internet.
Contact SmartApps and the work of your employees with Internet resources will be effective and protected. You will get a reliable barrier between your information and external network threats, and also you will not be worry that your employees just have fun on the Internet during their work.