Today, even in a small number of employees, the IT infrastructure can include several servers solutions which increase efficiency of work. For example, mail server, a database server, an application server 1C, a web server, a file server. Often only some of these tasks can be seamlessly combined on a single physical server. Usually a non-professional solution of this issue leads to the fact that a failure in one of the systems brings the failure of all tasks which are serviced on this server.

Virtualization of IT-Infrastructure

As a result of such organization of the server infrastructure, the overall reliability of the system decreases, costs for purchasing equipment are increased and more power is expended. Also, the tasks of archiving, restoring information and administering servers become more complicated. The same can be said about the maintenance and configuration of client computers.

Modern hardware virtualization solutions implemented by SmartApps’s specialists based on Microsoft, VMware and Citrix platforms will allow improving your IT infrastructure and significantly reducing the costs of its maintenance, upgrade and administration.

What do you get as a result of implementing a virtual IT infrastructure:

When you order a solution to the task of virtualizing your IT systems to SmartApps’s specialists, you will receive:

  • Reducing the cost of purchasing the fleet of server equipment by more than 2 times;
  • The ability to save on the purchase of workstations and their modernization;
  • Reduce energy costs by at least 60%;
  • Reduce the space occupied by the equipment;
  • Obtain simple management, administration and backup tools for the company's software systems;
  • You can flexibly manage the processing power of virtual servers;
  • Achieve high stability and resiliency of your IT infrastructure;
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and support of the company's hardware and software systems;
  • Improve the security of storing your information through simple access control tools and reliable protection against malicious programs.
After implementing virtualization of computer systems by SmartApps’s specialists, you can save up to 30% of the budget for the maintenance of the IT infrastructure in comparison with the old version of its organization and also minimize the risk of downtime where the loss can be very significant.