Information security is the key requirement for effective and uninterrupted work of modern business. The loss or theft of digital information may represent a serious threat both in terms of direct material damage and indirect damage. The consequences of this damage are difficult to predict.

Maleware software protection

The key requirements for such security systems are:

  • Data protection against unauthorized reading and damage by malicious software or viruses;
  • Taking control over the actions of users;
  • Protection against Internet threats with access restriction to certain resources such as social networking, entertainment portals, the ban on the use of instant messengers and other Web services that are not related to the job duties.
  • Automatic backup of important user’s data including the use of cloud storage.

Of course, installed and adjusted separate solutions on each computer can be used for these tasks. However, the task for administrating such products and timely implementation of all necessary preventive actions requires substantial resources if the quantity of workstation is high or average.

Benefits of integrated approach in information security

The company «SmartApps» offers comprehensive solutions in the field of information security. These solutions are based on a unified system of administration and protection of all user’s computers and server solutions of your company.

Installation of integrated system of information security of office or the company allows:

  • Setting the limit on the permissible actions of one user or the group with the software;
  • Ensuring limit or the access control to removable media such as flash drives and optical discs;
  • Executing the shadow backup of important user’s files to prevent its loss due to failure of equipment, the actions of malware, user’s mistakes;
  • Setting the full control over access to Internet resources;
  • Executing the full scan of computers for malicious code on a set schedule or on command.

The company «SmartApps» offers integrated solutions which ensure information security. With these solutions computer security of any company becomes simple and comfortable process controlled with a central console. Maximum security and easy administration are two key conditions for effective work of any quantity of computers.