The importance of having e-mail in any company cannot be overemphasized since it is used at all stages of activity beginning from reporting and registration on the resources required for work and ending with business correspondence between employees and between clients and partners of the company. Very often you can meet the situation when one company’s mailbox is created which is used by all who need access to the mail or each employee gets the mail in his name. In this case, there is no need to talk about the same style and observance of generally accepted standards of business correspondence.

Corporate mail

Such organization of work does not exclude the loss of important letters, delay with their reading and gaining the access to third parties to a public mailbox when security work is not properly organized.

Our company SmartApps offers to introduce a corporate mail system without all listed shortcomings and allows organizing a well-coordinated work of the company. We offer significantly more than the usual mailing addresses for each of your employees.

Deployment and configuration of corporate mail system by SmartApps’s specialists will provide you:

  • Unified standard for the email address of all employees of the company;
  • Unified format for outgoing letters, created in compliance with the rules of business letters and business ethics;
  • A general address book with the contact details of all the company's counterparties;
  • Ability to use personal and shared calendars;
  • Regular database backup with the ability to quickly restore;
  • Flexible anti-spam module that will save you from reading advertising mailings and at the same time pass the necessary correspondence;
  • Bind the login to the mail to the user’s computer login and password on the local network;
  • Ability to work with your mail from any device via the Internet in a secure mode;
  • Reliable password protection with a limited password lifetime;
  • Powerful search system of letters in the mail base and attached files in letters;
  • Comfortable mail sorter with the ability to use an answering machine which will work according to unified rules;
  • Flexible system for monitoring incoming, outgoing and stored mail with the allocation of personal quotas.

If necessary, the system of confidential correspondence with encryption can also be additionally connected and configured.

As a result of installation and competent configuration of corporate mail by SmartApps’s specialists you will improve the system of external and internal communications, improve the efficiency of correspondence processing and will surely protect your mail from prying eyes and loss of important letters.