Today the effective operation of computers, the normal and safe running of business processes is impossible without network infrastructure. «SMARTAPPS» company offers the development, implementation and support of the network infrastructure of our clients.

Generally, even the small company has several computers and a local network which unites them and helps to solve following tasks:

  • The work of e-mail and access to the Internet through a single connection;
  • Exchange of files across the network between users;
  • Collaboration in client-server applications, for example, with accounting or warehouse programs;
  • Sharing of such office equipment as printers and scanners.

Internal telephony, internal mail and a messaging system between users are added to the listed tasks in large companies.

Corporate network

Stability of the equipment and hardware and software systems depends not only on the quality of design, selected equipment, accurate installation and adjustment skills, but also on:

  • Data security;
  • Protection of information from outside access;
  • Confronting virus threats and hacking;
  • Speed of work of software products and information exchange between subsystems;
  • Ability to control the connection to the Internet and secure remote administration of systems.

You should also consider the possibility of expanding the network infrastructure with increasing the number of users or installing additional equipment.

Network solutions from “SMARTAPPS” are profitable and reliable

Our company has developed, implemented and accompanies sufficient network solutions for large and small companies operating in Kazakhstan to ensure the high quality of our services and the stability of your systems.

Please contact us when you need:

  • Network solutions based on wired and wireless secure networks;
  • Controlled access to the Internet through secure or public channels;
  • Detailed documentation in accordance with the industry standard for systems built or accompanied by us.

Your corporate networks from the company "SMARTAPPS" will provide:

  • Stable operation by reserving key management and access equipment;
  • Reliable isolation of the internal network from unauthorized access from outside;
  • Secure remote access for authorized personnel from any place of connection to the Internet;
  • Resistance of key functions to congestion of communication channels;
  • Monitoring intact system with predicting possible problems;
  • Detailed documentation for the system.