Cloud infrastructure is the solution for placing the Customer's infrastructure "in the cloud" by renting cloud servers.

In accordance with this service You will have access to an unlimited number of cloud servers with the required configuration of processing resources and tools for their independent management.

Cloud infrastructure

IaaS, SaaS and PaaS are the trend of the development of the modern IT-market. This is due to: saving Your company's budget, the speed of providing IT-resources and comfort of self-service.

Using the service IaaS, You get a ready cloud infrastructure which consists of virtual servers. All servers are integrated into one local network and can install the necessary software: Web-applications, database, business applications, etc.

The advantage of cloud infrastructure (IaaS) is the rapid creation of a virtual server, scalability and actual payment only for used resources.

Key advantages of cloud infrastructure:


  • Increase the efficiency of IT-department of the company up to 75-85%;
  • Reduction of staff costs;
  • Exploitable virtual servers with hourly tariffing.


The information placed in the "cloud" can be available to any employee in case if he has the right to use the data. IaaS can be used at any time and from any device connected to the Internet.


The data backup provided by the cloud platform and Backup which You can easily configure ensure that no information located in the "cloud" will not be lost and the possibility of theft is excluded due to reliable security systems.


You can customize the scalability of resources based on the importance of current business tasks. Moreover You can change the consumable power and save money by disabling those services that are not required at the moment.