Any activity in the modern world is related to the processing of the existing and the creation of its own information. For example, it could be a contact database, a warehouse, an accounting department, data from specialized software which are entered and accumulated by your employees during their paid working hours. This means that the cost of any company’s information at times more expensive than the cost of purchasing computer equipment and the loss of information is often simply impossible to replenish in full.

Moreover, the loss of important data can be a consequence of:

  • Software and hardware failures;
  • Actions of viruses;
  • Deliberate or accidental actions by your employees;
  • An external cyber-attack on your company.

Data BackUp

The risk of temporary and financial losses associated with data loss can be minimized if the backup system is correctly organized, which will guarantee the complete restoration of information and also will do it in a short period of time, up to several minutes.

Complete backup solutions from «SMARTAPPS»

Contact us if you need to ensure the full safety of your data. Our specialists will audit your systems of data processing and data storage systems, analyze the factors which may be the cause of their loss, offer you:

  • Optimal software and hardware solutions for creating and storing backup copies;
  • Methods for rapid detection of a malfunction in the data processing infrastructure;
  • Step-by-step algorithm for making decisions in the event of failures, minimizing the possibility of information loss and downtime;
  • Procedure for corrective action;
  • Algorithm for restoring system and data availability (may require purchase of equipment within the approved budget);
  • List of measures to minimize risk factors and damage in the event of an emergency.

As a result, the company receives:

  • Minimize the risk of information loss;
  • Minimizing downtime and associated damage;
  • Minimal probability of errors during data recovery after a failure;
  • Predictability of the time to restore the normal functioning of the system.