Any company, regardless of the direction and specificity of its work, uses computer networks and joint work of employees with data, software and hardware. For example, it can be corporate mail, accounting and inventory systems, document management as well as specific applications that serve your primary business.

Server infrastructure

When such systems are installed independently or by software providers, as a rule, there is no question about centralization and coordination of decisions. As a result, you get an unprotected, unstable and inefficient IT-infrastructure that can be rejected at any time. Any denial in such system can lead to the loss of data, breach of their integrity or theft of information.

We offer the design and implementation of a single IT-infrastructure which will operate under one or more servers, depending on the tasks your company is performing.

Server solutions from SmartApps – reliability of work and ease of management of your IT-infrastructure

As a result of the development and implementation of server solutions by SmartApps, you will receive:

  • Stable and protected IT-infrastructure from software and hardware failures;
  • Simple system for archiving and restoring user’s data;
  • Remote administration which will help to minimize downtime of equipment and reduce the cost of maintenance;
  • Reliable anti-virus protection of your data;
  • Simple access management of employee to information;
  • Ability to work with your applications on any computer on the local network or via the Internet;
  • Simple technology to isolate server applications from each other to improve the stability of IT systems in general;
  • The ability to simply increase processing power only by upgrading a single server;
  • The reserve of processing power of server equipment within a minimum of 5 years of effective work without modernization;
  • A general reduction in the costs of supporting, administering and operating your company's IT systems.

When you need to design, install and configure server systems, contact SmartApps, our experts will create and put into use the optimal server solution for your company and if necessary - will ensure the maintenance of its uninterrupted operation.