Automatic digital telephone exchanges became an inalienable tool of modern business and it is impossible to ensure its effectiveness without these exchanges.

Modern PBX is a complex system of voice communication which helps to talk within the network, effectively manage with calls and spend money for telecommunications services with maximum economy.

Modern digital PBX has a number of opportunities which allow not only providing a link between the company's employees but also effectively manage with calls.

Telephone communications

Correct setting for PBX suggests switching calls to another number with guidance tables of day and night mode, integrating wired and mobile signals in one-number space, maximizing the efficiency of the use of external telephone lines, the flexibility in settings and easy administration.

Next and necessary step for informatization of your office in order to improve its efficiency is the correct choice of the station model, its adjustment and training in the basic functionality.

When the company «SMARTAPPS» installs and set up for you a modern PBX you will receive:

  • Full control over the calls of your employees. Detailed list with details of incoming and outgoing calls. The ability to record them will help to significantly increase the efficiency of your staff.
  • Fast and free discussion of business issues between colleagues. Short number and unlimited time for discussion will help to solve business issues comfortably.
  • Blocking advertising calls . Now you only need to lock the phone number and you will no longer be distracted by the annoying advertising.
  • Freedom in movements . If you have Internet, you can connect to your office phone from anywhere.
  • Easy to coordinate employees . You will be able to hold a meeting with any number of participants over the phone.
  • Optimal processing of incoming calls . Your partners will always reach you if the PBX was adjusted well.
  • The autoresponder and voice mail allow your Clients not to waste their time on a second call and to leave a message that you can listen to from your phone or computer.
  • Your employees can always answer the phone call instead of colleague without leaving the workplace. With this ability - intercept the call each Client will not be kept without attention.
  • While your Client is waiting for a response you can arrange automatic informing about the services and promotions of your company. It will fill the pause profitably.

Contact our company «SMARTAPPS» in Kazakhstan if you need a modern, digital PBX. We will help in the selection, installation, adjustment and maintenance.