Using the client-server architecture of the company's computing systems allows optimizing the cost of the IT infrastructure, make the work more efficient and the data - protected. However, the installation, configuration and maintenance of servers should be organized at a high professional level. Otherwise, it isn't possible to avoid downtime, related damage, and loss of important data, the cost of which is usually very high.

Server maintenance by specialists of our company

As part of the server maintenance services we offer our Clients:

  • Fault-tolerant, efficient and cost-effective server infrastructure;
  • Centralized management of servers and server applications;
  • Simple scalability of server solutions.

Server maintenance

Ordering the development and implementation of the server IT infrastructure in our company will provide:

  • Reliable protection against typical hardware breakdowns;
  • Convenient technology for remote administration of the servers with the ability to quickly eliminate emergencies and their consequences;
  • Isolation of the execution environment of server tasks which prevents mutual influence of software complexes on each other;
  • Simple and reliable reservation of client data in a continuous mode with the possibility of their rapid recovery;
  • Duplicate backup data storage system which eliminates the possibility of their loss even with complete equipment failure;
  • Willingness to expand the functionality and increase the load for the server. Its processing power will be sufficient without an upgrade for at least 5 years after the implementation.

What technologies are used by us when implementing the company's server infrastructure?

Specialists of our company use solutions that make the operation of servers and software stable and efficient, including:

  • Using the disk arrays with the possibility of hot swapping of hard disks;
  • Virtualization technologies that allow you to separate data, programs and resources of different applications and use server’s capacity with maximum result;
  • Technologies for remote management of server hardware-software systems;
  • Technologies of virtual environment replication which allow you to minimize recovery time after a failure and eliminate data loss;
  • Solutions for sharing network drives and systems of storage area network.